Over 80% Of Brits ‘Haven’t Made A Will’

Although it’s not something many of us like to think about, planning your own funeral can be a big comfort to family and friends when the time comes, so you might be interested in finding the best Amersham funeral director there is to instruct these wishes.

A new study carried out by Skipton Building Society asked 2,000 people what their wishes were when they pass away and found that the majority of people now don’t favour a burial. Instead, 59 per cent of people would opt for a cremation, according to The Mirror.

The study found that 79 per cent of people said they did not want to be buried in a plot that may end up not being maintained by family and friends, worrying that as time goes on and people move away from the area, their grave will be neglected.

We know that, in Britain, most people don’t like to talk about death and the study showed that a huge 81 per cent have not made a will or organised their funeral for when they pass. Also, 40 per cent of people have not made close family aware of their wishes.

Senior propositions manager for Skipton Building Society Maitham Mohsin said “I’d like to encourage the nation to think about what they want to happen to them when the time comes, and to share their wishes with their family. Far from being a sad or morbid thing to do, many find it’s often quite the opposite.”

Perhaps surprisingly, 21 per cent of those asked said that if money would allow then they would definitely like to be cryogenically frozen until one day they could be brought back to life by scientists in the future.