Funeral Director

As a Funeral Director (or Undertaker) we will help and advice you to plan the funeral that is right for you.   Opals offer a personalised service and are passionate about empowering you to have the funeal that you want.

We are here to guide and support you during the planning of the funeral and look after you and the person that has died. We will be there for you from the moment you contact us until the day of the funeral and afterwards if you need our support.

If the person that has died is in hospital, or is with the coroner, they will take care of them until you have considered your options. If the person has died at home there is still no rush. You can contact us and we can take them into our care or you can keep the body at home, if you wish (we can advise and help you with this – see Home Funeral Network). If they have died in a nursing home or hospice we will be available to take them into our care night or day.

The choice is yours.

You will need to decide between a cremation or a burial  (extra doctors forms are required for a cremation).

Some families are now choosing a Direct cremation followed by a memorial service (see our pricing)

There are natural burial grounds and church or council run burial grounds.

You can have a ‘celebration of life’ with the emphasis being on the person that has died, their favourite music, family and friends sharing their memories, or you can have a religious or humanist service.

You can take a more relaxed approach ………….

Funerals can be held in many different places. There is no reason you couldn’t have the service at home or a favourite venue. There are many different options ……. don’t be afraid to ask if you want something different. If we can assist we will.

…….. but for some,  the traditional funeral cortege with the black hearse and limousines and the staff dressed in the traditional funeral attire is still very important.

Buckinghamshire Funeral Director

There are many options, what matters is that the funeral is right for you.

At Opals we can arrange any of the above and guide you through other available choices.