Unique Requests Up For Funerals

Berkshire funeral directors have long been happy to help accommodate specific requests for funerals, and it seems that these are becoming increasingly popular.

The SunLife Cost of Dying report for 2017 notes that one in seven people make an unusual request to be carried out at their funeral.

One of the most common unusual choices is to shun the hearse and opt instead for alternative transport for the coffin.

The trend to ask people to wear bright colours to funerals started many years ago, but the requests have broadened with people now asking their mourners to wear sports team kits, and one Glastonbury fan asked family to wear wellies to commemorate their love of the festival, the report revealed.

Asking for their ashes to be included in a piece of jewellery is particularly popular, as technology now allows for that.

People also want their coffin to be increasingly personalised. Pink coffins, and coffins with messages all over them are popular.

Similarly, people ask for specific items to be laid on their coffin, one person asked for some flip flops to be laid on their coffin.

In one particularly prominent story, a woman revealed her mother wanted a banana on the coffin.

“We put a banana on top of the coffin as my mam had a stomach condition most of her life and always carried a banana in her handbag when on days out in case there was nothing she could eat,” she said.

People also asked to be buried alongside their pet’s ashes.