What We Do

middlesex funeral director

Giving families a CHOICE.

When someone has died ‘What do I do’
We are here to support and guide families through the process of loss and in arranging a funeral at a price you can afford.
We recognise that organising a funeral can be very difficult and there are a number of options that can seem overwhelming.
To help you decide what is right for you, we have listed some options.

Please phone for a chat and advice if you want to talk it through.


We can offer a ceremony at the Crematorium of you choice or you could choose a simple cremation. This is a direct cremation which the family do not attend but we return the ashes to you. This allows you to hold a memorial service if you choose to when you like.


You can choose a natural burial ground, a church cemetery or local council run burial ground.

Memorial Ceremony

This can be a valuable way of celebrating someone’s life and can be held where you choose.
Opals offer advice on a wide range of ceremonies both non-religious and religious as well as offering support to families that wish to create their own ceremonies. We can put you in touch with a celebrant and they will work with you to create a truly personal memorial service.

You could choose to plant a memorial tree in one of the tranquil beautiful green burial sites of your choice. The ashes can be buried beneath a tree and planted in memory of your loved one, providing a peaceful space for you to visit.

Please ask for details … local prices range from £550 – £850.