4 Alternative Funeral Ideas To Consider

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When it comes to planning your own funeral or that of a friend or family member, it’s worth noting that you have quite a few options these days as to the event. You don’t need to have a traditional church burial at all if that isn’t what you want. Alternative funeral ideas are growing in popularity – so here are couple that might suit you and the kind of send-off you’d like to have.

Alternative coffins

You could go for a sustainable coffin if you’re not interested in having a wood one. These days, you can buy them in all sorts of materials, including wool, cotton, wicker, bamboo, seagrass, cane or even cardboard.

Buried at sea

You’ll need a marine licence to bury someone at sea, which you can apply for on the Gov.uk website. Your coffin will also need to be built to certain specifications. Note that you won’t need a licence in order to scatter ashes at sea after a cremation.

A home funeral

These are often called DIY funerals, although some do feel uncomfortable with this terminology. This can be cheaper than other options and it also affords you more time for visiting, grieving and closure following the death of a loved one.

Give a holographic eulogy

It might seem strange to some but these days you can actually attend your own funeral in hologram form. Company AIM Holographics helps people record their own eulogies (often years before illness or impending death), so that their friends and family can remember them as they were and see them in action one last time.

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