How To Choose The Perfect Blooms For A Funeral

Flowers are an essential part of any rite of passage. We have them at weddings, we send them to new parents, and of course they are an important part of funerals.

Planning a funeral for a loved one can be a stressful time and considering which flowers and what arrangements to have can be a daunting task, but the Great British Florist has some helpful pointers for family and friends wondering about funeral blooms.

Funeral sheafs are the most popular choice and can be as smart and uniform, or as wild and varied as the person we are remembering. They are popular family tributes and are compostable, making them suitable for cremations and natural burials.

Casket sprays are arrangements that adorn the top of a casket and are a dramatic and beautiful way to bring colour and prettiness to the formality of a funeral procession.

A funeral pillow can also adorn the top of a casket and is suited to wild and foraged foliage, giving it a very natural appearance, rather than the look of a formal flower arrangement.

Funeral posies are beautiful bouquet tributes that can reflect the person we remember with a huge choice of blooms and greenery and are an excellent way to show off a colour theme.

Finally, a funeral cross or wreath, such as a heart shape, is a statement-making and generous floral display. These are mounted on a frame making them easy to handle and arrange if they are not staying with the casket.

If you need more advice on funeral flowers, talk to our Berkshire funeral director to learn more.