How To Choose The Right Funeral Poem

Organising a funeral is an emotional thing to do and there are a number of steps that you’ll need to think about once you’ve taken care of the practicalities and booked a crematorium or church for the service itself.

When it comes to the funeral service, you’ll have to consider music, a eulogy and any other readings you’d like to have. This often includes a poem, and with so many options out there finding the right words can be difficult.

The Telegraph has offered some advice on choosing a poem to be read at a funeral, with the most important part to “be true to the person you are remembering”.

“Think carefully about what they loved through their life and how that is reflected in your choice,” the newspaper added.

But it also recommended thinking about how the poem could affect those who are attending the service, pointing out that poetry can inspire strong emotions. As such, you should think about whether you want people to be comforted, to celebrate the person who is no longer with us, or to reflect on their loss.

From a practical perspective, you should avoid any poems that are too long and will therefore lose people’s attention.

Although 81 per cent of Brits haven’t made a will or made funeral arrangements, it is advisable to prepare for death and thinking about a poem to be read at your funeral could be something you do as part of the planning process. Speaking to a Beaconsfield funeral director could help you get started.