Could A Grief Recovery Specialist Help You Cope With Loss?

If you’ve never heard of a grief recovery specialist you’re probably not alone, but if you’re struggling to come to terms with the loss of a loved one, they could be able to offer help and support.

The East Anglian Daily Times recently spoke to Sarah Jones, who is a certified grief recovery specialist, about why it’s so important to deal with your grief and how to go about it.

“In a society that shies away from talking about death or grief, many of us just survive after a loss, but no longer thrive and enjoy life,” she explained.

Ms Jones added that grief recovery isn’t counselling, but rather a programme designed to help you work through your main loss over the course of seven sessions. This programme focuses on practical steps that you can take to help deal with and move past your grief.

“The goal is that instead of just surviving, weighed down by pain and grief, you can enjoy happy memories again and live your life, rather than just getting by,” she said.

In the initial days and weeks after the death of a loved one, your focus is likely to be on finding a Chesham funeral director, organising the service and dealing with the practicalities of a death.

Grief recovery is something that you can try at any point after a loss, whether it’s a few weeks or years later.

George Shelley, former singer with the band Union J, has made a documentary for BBC Three about coping with grief. The 24 year old star lost his sister in an accident last year, and in the programme he explores grief and how it impacted his mental health, BT reported.

He’s hoping that the documentary can help other young people to talk about grief, and to find other ways of coping with this difficult experience.