Creative Ways To Personalise Your Funeral Plan

If you’ve been thinking about planning your own funeral to take that pressure off your loved ones when the time comes then you might be interested in the best Buckinghamshire funeral planning available to you.

It can be a difficult subject to approach, but planning your own funeral has become the modern way to deal with the subject, giving you peace of mind that the send-off you would like will happen.

A recent survey found that 46 per cent of people have had chats with friends and family about how they’d like to be remembered. Don’t forget that it’s sometimes the small details of the day will make it a memorable day and one that your family will cherish and find comfort from. There are all sorts of different ways in which you can make your funeral personal to you, so take a look at some of these suggestions below.

What to wear on the day is a great way to make it feel more personal –  the standard colour to wear is black but many people find that a little morbid. Perhaps suggest everyone wears one item of clothing in your favourite colour, or simply ban black and have everyone celebrate your life in colour.

Decoration on the day, whether that is your favourite flowers or photographs, will make all the difference. Perhaps you could make a list of important items or a selection of objects that are special to you which should be present and displayed on the day.

Although it will be difficult writing your own eulogy, it might just be a wonderful way to have guests remember everything they loved about you, and share some parting words which offer comfort to your loved ones.

Pick your music for different parts of the ceremony – you could even consider a live act.