Dementia Care – Safe Haven

It’s Alzheimers Awareness week.
Grief and loss starts long before the person has died.

I attended a reading of the play last week “Don’t Leave Me Now’ which explores the impact of early onset dementia on family life. Where does love end and duty begin ? – or does it? It was excellent on several levels, it left the audience with no doubt of the impact dementia not only has on the sufferers but just as importantly on their families.
As a friend of Safe Haven I have offered to publish this information written by Pauline the founder. I have been lucky enough to spend some time at the centre and can highly recommend it. As the name says it promotes a ‘Safe Haven’ for those with dementia.They have been open since January 2015. Pauline and her staff are second to none.

Pauline says
As each year passes, more and more people are being diagnosed with dementia, and the stresses and strains keep on increasing. Thankfully, we, at Safe Haven Dementia Centre, are at hand to provide much-needed daily respite to people with dementia and their carers.
Based at Totteridge Baptist Church, our long-term objective is to promote and encourage a better understanding of the condition, by offering an accepting environment where people from all backgrounds can be themselves, feel at home and, most importantly, still be part of a fulfilling community.
Clients have the option of attending either a morning or afternoon half-day session (10am to 2pm or 1pm to 5pm), or they can choose to come for a full-day session (10am to 5pm). Currently, sessions are taking place between Monday and Thursday.
Morning attendees are treated to a light breakfast and lunch, together with other refreshments during their stay, whereas afternoon attendees enjoy lunch and afternoon tea, alongside general refreshments. Full-day attendees receive all of the above.
All members of staff at the centre have substantial experience of working within the field of dementia, and so have devised an extensive programme of activities and therapies tailored specifically for clients. We pay special attention to the individuals, and offer a person-centred approach. Running alongside these are regular events, entertainment and excursions.
However, if daily respite is not what you’re looking for, as you prefer to stay by your loved one’s side, Safe Haven is the ideal venue where you can enjoy quality time together. Carers attend the centre free of charge, but will have to pay for breakfast/lunch.
In addition to this, we also offer a bespoke Outreach service, which can be tailored to the client in questions’ needs, while we also run regular workshops for carers of people with dementia, providing advice, guidance and practical tips.
If our services sound like something you could benefit from, don’t delay and book today. Furthermore, why not join our “Membership Scheme”, which entitles clients to a discount of £5.00 per session, subject to attending two or more session each week? Members will also receive further discounts on selected events and excursions.
For more details about what Safe Haven Dementia Centre can offer you, either call us on 01494 854 399, send us an email at: [email protected] or visit our website at: