Would You Have A Funeral Therapy Dog At Your Send-Off?

There’s no doubt about it – saying goodbye to friends and family can be incredibly difficult and very emotional. Different people deal with grief in their own unique ways and there’s no right or wrong way to go about it – it’s all down to the individual.

But that being said, we’d be surprised if there were people out there who couldn’t fail to be cheered up at least a tiny bit by Basil the beagle, who is thought to be the first funeral therapy dog in the UK, according to iNews.

A funeral directors has just drafted in the help of the eight month-old pooch to offer its customers with love and support at a truly difficult time.

Owner of the Shropshire-based funeral company Rosalind Pugh told the news source: “I did some research and in America they have them – they [funeral therapy dogs] are very popular and I thought I don’t think anybody’s got one in the UK.

“We affectionately call him a comfort companion so he follows the lead of the care dogs. It’s just a distraction for people when they come in – it feels like they are coming into a home.”

Basil certainly isn’t the only grief therapy dog to have helped provide comfort to people in need during funerals. As Ms Pugh says, it’s big in the US – according to Today, Lulu in New York, Kermit in Texas, Gracie in Missouri, Dempsey in Ohio and Judd in Indiana all do this valuable kind of work as well.

And if it helps to make a difference to even just one person on the day, then a funeral dog certainly seems like a good idea.

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