Have A Conversation In Dying Matters Awareness Week

Dying Matters is hosting its annual Awareness Week again from 14th to 20th May, with the aim to encourage more people to discuss death, dying and bereavement.

The organisation wants people all over the country to feel more comfortable talking about these difficult topics with friends and family, and this year is focusing on what people can do to help in their community.

Each day of the week it’s focusing on a different theme, such as talking to children about death, volunteering at hospices, and grief in the workplace.

The organisation states: “Every death affects people differently. We’re often too polite to ask for help, or don’t offer it for fear of saying the wrong thing. But a family or a community dealing with loss needs help.”

One of the immediate challenges when you lose someone you care about is organising the funeral – getting help with Farnham Common funeral planning will take the strain off and make the process a little easier.

The Mirror recently noted that one of the biggest stresses with funeral organisation comes from the cost, and offered a number of suggestions as to how you can pay for a funeral or get some financial help.

It’s worth looking into whether you’re eligible for any financial support from the Social Fund, for instance, or you could consider using a crowdfunding platform to raise donations to help cover the cost.

The type of funeral you have can also impact its cost, with the newspaper noting that cremation is usually cheaper than burial. If your loved one didn’t have any strong wishes either way, this may be a factor in your decision too.