How To Help Children Cope With Grief

It’s never easy losing a loved one, no matter what age you are, but children are perhaps less well equipped for dealing with feelings of grief. As such, it’s important that the adults in their lives help them through the process so they can begin to recover and move on.

Honesty, as always, is the best policy when it comes to helping children at this difficult time. If you hide any information from them, this can lead to feelings of mistrust – and they may not come to you again as a source of support.

Marie Curie has lots of resources online to help you get your kids through this but it’s important to remember that grief is a process and one that can take a long time to navigate through. It may seem that your children are unaffected by what has happened but you should look for changes in behaviour, such as distance, clinginess, aggression, sleep problems or lack of concentration.

Taking your children to the funeral is a good idea, even if it seems hard to you to have them around while you’re also coping with feelings of loss. Tell them what’s going to happen at the funeral so they know what to expect, but give them the choice over whether they want to go.

If they don’t, an alternative ceremony may b e a good idea. See if there’s something they’d like to do to honour the person’s memory, such as planting a tree or letting balloons go with messages written on them.

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