Linda Nolan Reveals Plans For Own Funeral

Thinking about your own mortality is not something everyone feels comfortable doing, but Linda Nolan has decided she wants full control of her funeral arrangements after finding out about her terminal cancer diagnosis.

The singer has told the public she has already planned her end-of-life care and the music for her memorial in her new autobiography From My Heart, after doctors confirmed her breast cancer had returned in March 2017.

“I have chosen the songs for my funeral. I would like There You’ll Be from Pearl Harbor sung by Faith Hill,” she wrote, remembering that it was the tune played at her late husband’s service in 2007 after he passed away from skin cancer.

“The words couldn’t be more fitting for the moment when I’ll finally be going to meet Brian again,” the 59-year-old said.

She has also chosen to have the Neil Sedaka track Our Last Song Together played for her family.

The Nolans star first suffered from breast cancer in 2005, but managed to beat the disease. After this, her husband died and her sister Bernie passed away in 2013 – both from cancer.

As well as planning her funeral, Linda has decided on how she wants to be treated in her final days. She has stated she does not want chemotherapy drugs because of their nasty side effects and she wants to be cared for in a hospice, instead of by her family.

There are a huge number of things to consider when planning a funeral, including location, type of memorial, coffin, music, flowers, orders of service and how to involve guests, such as asking them to wear your favourite colour.

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