To create a meaningful, personal ceremony that is right for you.

 When you like

Generally, most funerals take place within 2 – 3  weeks.  If however, this does not suit your circumstances then there are other options. You could have a direct cremation (see pricing) then organise a memorial service when you are able to do so, such as when family return from abroad, finish exams etc.

Where you like –

Traditionally funerals are held at churches or Crematoriums but they could take place in your garden, on the beach, local village hall, town hall, in a pub, the options are endless.

Do what is right for you.

The Service  –

A family member or friend could lead the way or you could ask a celebrant, religious minister or humanist.
Family can read the eulogy, poems or readings.


Coffins –

There are many options apart from the standard wooden veneer, like willow, cardboard, bamboo or personalised options. You can just have a shroud if you would prefer. Chat to us about what you would like.
Family or friends can carry the coffin.
Some crematoriums allow the coffin on catafalque before the service begins. Personal items can be put on top of the coffin.

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Music –

Favourite songs, favourite hymns, you could get somebody to play live music or everybody could sing.


You could ask people to bring flowers from their gardens or just a single stem or order them from the local florist. Even supermarket chains do a range of bereavement flowers now. 

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Charity donations

This option is often requested in lieu of flowers. 


There are many ways you can involve your guests.  From singing songs, baking cakes, telling stories, bring some flowers from their garden or bring a single stem. Wearing something meaningful  – Hawaiian shirts, Football shirts, dress in favourite colours or just to wear their favourite outfit.

Order of Service

you can design this yourself or we can do it for you.

The Cost

We know talking about money can be very difficult when you are arranging a funeral.
Our aim is to offer affordable funerals and be transparent about costs. Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions involving cost