Should You Take Young Children To Funerals?

Once you have the best Berkshire funeral directors on board to help you say goodbye to your loved ones, you will need to think about the people you need to tell.

We can help you put out funeral notices so the right people know about the event but many people will wonder whether or not to include young children at the service.

A British Social Attitudes survey done a couple of years ago in 2013 showed that 48 per cent of adults in the United Kingdom had reservations about taking children to funerals. Despite this however, it is advised by psychologists that you do.

Children who have lost grandparents, or even parents, deal much better in the long term with their grief if they attend the funeral, than those who did not.

Though very often adults feel uncomfortable taking children to funerals as they feel it can be too harrowing for them, both as they will have to confront the death of a loved one and as you are worried about them seeing adults upset, it is advisable to let them come.

“In a culture of wanting to protect children from everything, from boredom to losing, it appears that many of us also want to protect them from the very fundamentals of life and death,” Liz Mowatt, founder of A Giving Tribute told The Guardian.

Though it is tough, many children who are excluded from funerals regret the opportunity to attend and feel it affects their ability to mourn.