The Challenges Of Organising A Funeral

Organising a funeral isn’t something many of us do regularly. In fact, the Guardian has revealed that the average person organises just two funerals in their lifetime, which often means we’re not prepared for what’s involved and can struggle to find out about all the options.

Coupled with this is the fact that organising a funeral can be an incredibly emotional experience, which can make it harder to take decisions, especially if the person who’s passed away didn’t leave a will or express their wishes about their funeral.

The newspaper highlighted a number of entrepreneurs who have set up businesses designed to help us navigate this difficult time in our lives, from Dan Garrett, who co-founded online will-writing service Farewill, to Kim Bird who created a free online funeral price comparison site – Aboutthefuneral.

Treating each person as an individual and providing a bespoke service is becoming more important – and it’s this level of service you can expect from us if you get in touch about Beaconsfield funeral planning.

There are already a wider range of burial and funeral options available nowadays, with woodland burials and eco funerals among the choices that have become more popular in recent years.

And although we need to make sure we discuss our wishes for our funerals more openly with our loved ones, research last year from SunLife found that one in seven of us make unusual funeral requests that can range from asking mourners to wear specific clothing or colours, to driving the coffin to the service in an alternative vehicle to a hearse.