Top Tips For Writing A Respectful & Heart Warming Testimony

Presenting a testimony or a funeral speech is an opportunity to share the things you love most about a person, to praise their accomplishments, unique charms, and to remind family and friends of funny anecdotes or little faults.

Simply presenting a kind and respectful speech will be a perfect testimony. On the other hand, a bit of research can help you write and present a beautiful, meaningful tribute going beyond a list of achievements and virtues. But writing a testimony can be a difficult task when time is limited and emotions are overwhelming. To make this task a little easier, we have prepared some tips that can help you write a touching and memorable testimony.

Begin by gathering biographical details about the person for whom you are writing a testimony, including where they were born, their main jobs, how many children they had, and so on. These details are a starting point for sharing meaningful stories.

So, how do you capture the best moments of their life? Take the time to think about what was important to the loved one and about the memories that would pay homage to their life. Everyone has hobbies that excite them and are of great interest. Perhaps the individual was known for their green fingers, had a delicious repertoire in the kitchen, was dedicated to a particular charity or loved a famous sports team. Talk to other family members and friends about their favorite memories and funny stories about the loved one. Here are some starting points:

* Ask their brothers and sisters for their best childhood memories.
* Ask their children or grandchildren to tell you about a time when their parent/grandparent made them feel special.
* Call former workmates and ask them to tell you what qualities and skills the individual had.

Once you have gathered all the information, you can start writing. If you have trouble starting, choose a theme to help you organise your thoughts. If the person spent a lot of time outdoors, share stories about their wild camping vacations, lake adventures if they were a keen fisherman, or the ways they shared their love of nature with others.

If the person’s greatest joy was their grandchildren, share their favorite memories of them and the ways their legacy will continue through other family members. Describe how the individual gave their time to the community, helping out at a food bank, or serving on boards of not-for-profit organisations.

Each life is unique and a well-written testimony pays tribute to the person’s unique personality, reminds people of the good times and helps to remember even more happy memories. For further help with Buckinghamshire and Berkshire funerals, get in touch with Opals Funerals today.