Why plan ahead

slough funerals | A couple enjoy watching the sun set.

Dying is a natural part of life. The joy of living means different things to different people.

A funeral or memorial service should celebrate the choices made, the relationships shared and honour the memory of the person that has died.

Funerals for many become a ‘distress’ buy. Generally, people only arrange on average 2-3 funerals in their lifetime. At a time when you are having to deal with emotions that you may have never have experienced before you are also having to arrange a funeral that you may have never had to do before. Most celebrations in life like weddings, christenings, special birthday parties are planned over several months if not years. Most funerals are planned within 2 weeks.

Families are left to second-guess your wishes and unfortunately, this can sometimes cause distress and conflict at the time of loss.

Having the conversation

Pre-planning can offer peace of mind. If you are living with a life-threatening illness this process can be a cathartic experience. You can discuss your wishes without leaving your loved ones to second guess.

Some people are now deciding to write down their own thoughts that they want to be read out at their funeral.

Opals can help you plan your own funeral, helping to take away a lot of the stress from your family and friends in the event of your death.

We can visit you in your own home or you can meet us at our office.  We will help you write your own story. The memories are usually a joy to shares

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