Would You Crowdfund For A Funeral?

Paying for a funeral can be incredibly difficult and all too often, people find themselves having to take out a loan, borrow from friends and family or get themselves into debt in order to meet the costs and give their loved ones the send-off they deserve.

But there is a way you could pay for the funeral that you might not have considered before – crowdfunding. This is an increasingly popular option for those who do find themselves having to organise a ceremony. The costs of funerals are always increasing so unless the deceased had a pre-paid plan in place, the family left behind will have to settle the bill at the end.

But crowdfunding could really help alleviate the financial burden, a scheme that is perfect for projects big and small. Simply set up an account on a site like Crowdfunder or Kickstarter, tell the story of what you’re doing and why, and then set your page live. People can come to the page to pledge however much money they see fit.

Taking a look to see what other people have done could help you when it comes to sorting out the finances for the funeral you’ve been left in charge with. The Kent Online website has just published an article about a successful gofundme page set up in memory of 25-year-old Jordan Lupton who died in a jet ski accident in Herne Bay.

The family wanted to raise £6,000 to pay for the funeral but in just 20 short hours supporters raised more than £7,300.

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