Would You Hire A Funeral Singer?

When you start planning a funeral there are a lot of things to think about, not least of all which funeral director in Stoke Poges you’re going to use.

One thing you may not have considered is the idea of hiring funeral singers for the service, but the Metro has reported that this is a practice that’s growing in popularity.

The news provider spoke to Penelope Shipley and Briony Rawle, who founded their funeral singing business in 2015. Initially they only covered services in London, but have now expanded and attend funerals all over the country.

They have a network of singers, and explained that they always do their best to match the singer to the songs chosen by the family.

If you’re wondering why you may want a funeral singer, Penelope explained why they can be a nice addition to a service.

“It’s for practical reasons as people don’t tend to sing in churches these days, so we’re there to make a sound,” she revealed, adding: “Plus, it tends to be when the music starts that pent-up emotion comes out.”

When asked whether it’s difficult to attend so many funerals, she said that they feel honoured to be involved and are often left wishing they’d met the person who has died because of all the lovely stories they hear.

Choosing the music for a funeral service of a loved one can be difficult, especially if it’s not something you’ve spoken about before. Having these conversations can make it easier for your family when you do pass away though.

Linda Nolan recently revealed that she has planned the details of her funeral, including choosing the music to be played at the service, after her breast cancer returned in March last year.